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Letting Go

Have you ever decided to finally clean out your house of junk only to find nothing really got thrown out? The goal was to get rid of things not keep them. And yet here we are putting things back where they once were never to be touched again for another year or more.

Sentimental feelings start to flood our emotions. “Oh, I remember when…” We smile and gently put them in the “keep” file. Or “I can use this when…” and again “keep” file. Before you know it your “keep” pile is back to the overwhelming mound you were trying to clear out.

I am learning just as sure as the tide comes in, it will recede back into its source. So too with things in life. We never really lose anything; if anything, we continuously gain. The tide always comes in and so the shore is always willing to let it go for it will return shortly…sometimes bearing gifts.

And so to with things in our lives. We have to be willing to let them go especially if it is of no use to us so that we may receive something new, something even better. But you have to make room for that something new; you have to let go.

Toxic relationships, an unrewarding job, a city that doesn’t serve your desires, an unhealthy lifestyle. We try to convince ourselves that they will change,or things will change, or that things will get better. What are things in your life that you know deep down you have to change or get rid of in order to move into a better space?

Oftentimes, we hold on to them because it’s familiar; it’s what we know. Regardless, of whether it’s good for us or not. We’d rather keep what we know than let go and experience something different, something we don’t know about. The unfamiliar is scarier to us than letting go.

Oh, but let me tell you! Once you empty that cup, the things you truly desire now have room to come into your life.  You gain courage by knowing that what you are letting go of will be replaced with something even better.

But you have to believe it. You have to have faith that what you want in life is coming…just as sure as the tide comes in! Be open to receive!




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