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Live Your Truth

It’s been almost four months since I quit my job & my soul is remembering what joy feels like again!

We sometimes tell ourselves during periods of inspiration that life is too short;  that we will finally delve into something we’ve been meaning to uncover deep in the recesses of our gifted minds or finish that project we started days, months, or years ago.

For the first week or two, we are just pumped up and ready to conquer the world only to fizzle out and revert right back to our old ways.  For some the motivation may even just last for a mere hour…hmm, thinking about my 6 pack ab aspiration :).

Well year after year, I would tell myself that it was time for a brand new start only to let fear get in the way and keep me right where it was comfortable…safe.  However, year after year, I was also slowly chipping away a piece of my soul.

Four months ago, I could no longer ignore the cries of my inner spirit. I picked myself up and told myself it was time to stop complaining. It was time to finally take action and just go for it!

How I was going to make it was a question that I had often asked myself many times before.  This always resulted in me talking myself out of starting anew. I would tell myself that my income was great and that I was seamlessly providing for my family. I felt guilty for even complaining, that I was ungrateful for the life I was blessed with.

But I was not living MY truth. I wasn’t happy, I wasn’t feeling fulfilled. There was a void in my spirit that needed to be filled, and what I was doing was not filling that void.

The yearning in my heart for something bigger and better became greater than my fears and doubts. Questions I had were answered in whispers from articles I read, something I watched, or a stranger saying something that spoke to my spirit.

“The universe has your back” I remember being told.  Nothing I hadn’t heard before but this time it resonated in me. I trusted,  I jumped; free falling into what, I didn’t even know.

I repeated the words, “the universe has my back” like a mantra and divine life provided a parachute for a soft landing onto my new adventure. Yes, there are still some rough terrains along the way but because my soul is happier, it is a lot easier to trek along my new found path!

2 comments on “Live Your Truth

  1. Donna says:

    I too have been feeling the same way. I recently thought about starting my own blog and have been checking into create and go. I m in my early 60s and work full time but feel a tug at my heart to try this. It is scary and I don’t know if anyone or enough will care about what I have to share about this process of aging . But I hope I will get inspired to take the leap by reading how others have tried and succeeded and changed their lives.


  2. Pamela Ervin says:

    Hi Donna,
    Hope all is well with you. The great thing about starting your blog is that you can have the freedom to write while still working.
    The first person you have to get approval from first & foremost is yourself. Do YOU care enough about what YOU are writing about? If the answer is a resounding “YES!”, then what are you waiting for?! 🙂
    I believe we all are here to share our many talents to touch & inspire each other’s lives. Whether through writing, art, cooking, an invention or whatever else one is creative at; we were meant to share that gift!


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