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Free to Edit

I had a customer the other day stop and tell me to never let anyone take away my smile. The response I gave him came out in such a way that I had to stop and play it back to myself.

I told him that I looked at it in that we were given this wonderful gift called life. A truly blank slate to do with however we want.  And yes, I don’t deny there are things that seem to happen to us beyond our control and yet we survive, we persevere, we move on.

And if we stop to think about it, we are even a bit stronger, a muscle broken down only to be built up as it is pushed beyond its comfort zone.

I believe that we were made to always push ourselves to the next level. It’s the reason why we get depressed or restless when our lives become stagnant. We were meant to grow! Is not life itself about growth?

Could you imagine if our ancestors became satisfied living in caves and just stopped there? This notebook in which I type would have never existed. Seeing and speaking to someone on the other side of the world would not have been possible.

I believe we are wired to live out all the gifts and talents that is within us. We are like a treasure box hidden with valuable and meaningful items waiting to get discovered, waiting to inspire someone, perhaps even our own self.

Our lives could be a verse, a prose, a chapter, a series. Or maybe a haiku…so simple and yet so complicated and deep. We have the pen in which to erase certain contents, or for those things we can’t, draw a line through the parts we no longer want or need.

As cliche as it may sound,  we are truly the author of our lives. God knows, my life probably looks like a graded paper with those dreaded red marks of X’s, lines of omissions, and insertions of suggestions.

But I guess that’s why we are given all these years to edit, to revise, to tear off pages. Sometimes we may even pick up that crumpled piece of paper and decide hmmm, I guess it wasn’t as bad as I thought.  “Naw!!!”, crumples paper again.

So as I hear myself tell this man about this gift I am so appreciative of, this life that I get to explore, I had to ask myself, am I utilizing it to its full potential?

A guidance, a nudge, a confirmation perhaps to continue to scratch this itch I have for change, or should I say, transformation for my life. To write a new chapter or not even that, to scrap the whole thing and try a whole different subject!

Are there stories you have yet to live first before you can begin to tell someone about it? Just like the written word, there is always room for revisions. 🙂


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