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In the Zone

This past summer, I was needing to change out the plants in front of my house. As I researched the different plants, I noticed the different labels on them, “Full Sun”, “Partial Sun”, etc.  To get the full benefits of each plant, it had to be planted in it’s ideal environment or “zone”. Otherwise, the chances of it thriving was diminished.

A friend of mine from Florida gave me a starter plant that she herself had planted while she was out on a business trip in my neck of the woods. It was healthy and had nice shiny leaves. She described how quickly the one she had at home grew.

Unfortunately for me, I was not in the correct environment for this plant to grow. My area was not zoned for this particular plant. It has now been months and although this plant still looks just as healthy as the day she gave it to me, it also has not grown either. It has remained the same size, its growth stunted.

How true of us as well. Sometimes we are left stagnant in our lives because we are not in a zone where we can display our full potential. Just like the plant that my friend gave me, we aren’t dying but sadly we also are not growing.

What potential are you missing out on by not being in the correct zone? Are you contemplating moving to try out new opportunities in a different city, state, or country? Or perhaps you are thinking about changing career fields. You may even be in a relationship where your individuality has been lost or muddled.

There may be variables in your life that prevent you from tending to your growth.  What was once fertile ground has now been depleted of its resources. However, you have to ask if you’re not growing, are you even really living? Are days merely the rising and falling of the sun?

Plants that are in their correct zone grow full and strong and abundantly.  Are you in a place where you are growing and where your hidden talents bloom and flourish? Are your branches free to stretch out as far as they possibly can?

There may be a hobby that you’ve always wanted to pick up or try.  A new language you’d like to learn. Whatever it is, it may just be the water that replenishes you back to life. It could be something seemingly minor or small but a great fertilizer for your soul (soil 🙂 ).


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6 comments on “In the Zone

  1. tesia says:

    I like!!! I think many can relate to this. I know reading this hit some spots for me. 😊


    1. Joi says:

      My grandmother use to say only thing that comes to standing water is flies…we have to keep moving and learning… We can stand still!! Awesome post!!


      1. Pamela Ervin says:

        Thank you so very much! We definitely have to keep it moving! 🙂


    2. Happy to hear it resonated with you!


  2. Norma... says:

    The friends and people around us are as important, as the water and fertilizer used on our plants. They encourage and push us to grow, and branch out to our fullest.
    *special meaning for me 😊


    1. Pamela Ervin says:

      Most definitely!!! 😄


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