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Feeling Lost

Have you ever driven somewhere and taken a wrong turn? Your surroundings no longer look familiar. All sorts of thoughts start to run through your head. (Think scary movies!) Panic starts to set in. Worst feeling ever!

For some of us, this feels like our life. Not knowing what direction to go, where to turn, what to do. Hoping someone or something will point us the right way.

At times, you may be told exactly where to go, which way to turn, down to the number of lights to pass. Unfortunately, you arrive at that very destination to find this is not where you want to be at all!

There may be instances where you thought you were on the right path only to find a huge DETOUR sign in your way.  Back to that scary, unfamiliar road again. But the thing to remember is that it is only temporary. Eventually, you will be led back to the road you were on.  And despite the minor setback, you are actually farther ahead now.

Or you may even discover that you actually like this new change and find that the original path was actually leading you nowhere anyway. Thank goodness for that detour!

The thing to remember is to keep moving! “But what if I run out of gas and get stuck somewhere?! Then what?!” you ask. Well, what if you stay though and starve! No one may ever come to save you.

“But I don’t know where to go!” you say. That’s okay. Remember to keep moving. Dory from “Finding Nemo” comes to mind. “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming.”

And if you find that you are going around and around in circles, sometimes you just might have to get off that old, beaten path and go off-roading!

Life is an adventure with roads that are straight, winding, and sometimes outright bumpy. The moment you let go of trying to find the exact  “map” to life, then perhaps you can finally get your tight, white-knuckled grip off the stirring wheel and actually look up and around to enjoy the scenery.

“It’s not about the destination but the journey to get there.”


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One comment on “Feeling Lost

  1. Norma... says:

    Well said….
    We are so busy trying to get from A-Z, we miss all the in between letters!


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