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Watch Yo’ Mouth!

Have you ever noticed how certain things happen to you on a regular basis? You cry out, “Oh this always happens to me!” or “This happens to me all the time!”.  Have you ever stopped to think it is caused from the very statement you just made?

If you want to change your circumstances, pay attention to the statements you make. Limit the negative words you say. Find a different way of saying negative things. Instead, find the positive opposite.

Statements like, “I don’t want to be in this terrible relationship!”  do nothing to help you.  Why not say instead, “I want to be in a great relationship!”?  The latter can either evoke you to make changes that cause improvement or give you the courage to leave and end up in a better one. Regardless, the second statement definitely takes your focus off the negativity and moves you towards a better situation.

Begin to speak into your life the very things you want even amidst the negativity that may be surrounding you.  Instead of saying, “I don’t want to be poor anymore!”,  say “I want to be financially free!”.  Again, the first statement puts your focus on what you are lacking. The second statement allows you to think of building wealth. Do you see the difference in each statement? Do you see how each one makes you feel?

So as you change how you say things, this allows you to focus exactly on the things you actually do want to happen in your life.  Does this mean you automatically become a millionaire if you tell yourself that you are going to be? Well not if you do not take ACTION towards that goal. It’s what you are focused on, backed up by an actionable plan to make it happen.

This is how your life will begin to change for the better. Be mindful of your words and take small steps towards your intent. So remember to “watch yo’ mouth”! 🙂


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2 comments on “Watch Yo’ Mouth!

  1. tesia says:

    Love it!!


    1. Glad you enjoyed it!


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