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When fear stops us from moving forward.

“There is nothing to fear but fear itself.”

Have you truly understood that phrase? What we are afraid of usually hasn’t even happened yet. However, the story that we have create in our minds stops us from taking the first step towards our desired goal.

Nature gave us this protective mechanism of learning from the past. Unfortunately, sometimes we use it incorrectly. Instead of learning from a mistake and choosing a different route, we freeze up and choose not to do it at all. Or we let old, negative self-talk that has become ingrained in us to surface back up and cause us to doubt ourselves.

However, we have to stop allowing fear to keep us from reaching our full potential. Do you recall when you first learned to ride a bike? Did you give up after the first fall? Why no! You got back on it and tried again, skinned knees and all. We need to recapture that determination, that doggedness that we had as a child and apply it in our adult life.

Feel the fear and do it anyway. Is it scary? Of course, however, you have to ask yourself if staying where you are is better than moving forward. Despite the unknown bringing up feelings of uncertainty, you have to push yourself to believe that there are far better things on the other side of fear.

This blog is my way of pushing myself past the anxieties I feel about writing and to know that there will be learning curves along the way and improvements to be made. Most importantly, to know that it’s all going to be okay in the end.

Is there something that you have been meaning  to do but were afraid or embarrassed to try? Start with something small to build your confidence.  Try something today and don’t delay.  You can do it!  See you on the other side of fear!


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3 comments on “When fear stops us from moving forward.

  1. Montine says:

    Amazingly self reflective. Recognizing the problem, check. Logical plan of attack, check. Giving that plan to the frightened child within me to execute, overwhelming paralysis envelops me. For me tweaking is a change so miniscule , it results in a positive momentum without causing paralysis or self sabotaging reactions from me.


    1. Definitely! What seems minor or minuscule , can make a HUGE difference. At 211 degrees, water is basically “hot”, but raise it by just 1 degree and it is boiling! Even in golf, changing your stroke by a small degree can be a difference between landing in the bunker or the fairway. Thank you for stopping in!


  2. Erma says:

    Fear and God do not occupy the same space.


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