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My first blog post!

“Start where you are and tweak along the way.”

This blog is a result of listening to that very quote. I, unfortunately, suffer from trying to make things perfect, doing research after research, only to find myself overwhelmed and paralyzed.

I finally broke down one late evening and decided to sign up for a website. Yay! I was so proud of myself. Then fear took over. I stared at the blank page before me and asked myself, “so what now?”. How could something I love doing become difficult all of the sudden? Had I wasted my time? Did I have enough to even write about? Would anyone care to read what I write about?

And so the above quote stared back at me and whispered to my soul…start where you are and tweak along the way.

What is your biggest obstacle right now? How are you motivating yourself to move forward?


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